Bliss Maker™ Pistachio Cardamom Ice Cream

Bliss Maker™ Pistachio Cardamom Ice Cream
  • 1-quart chilled Coconut Bliss Madagascan Vanilla Soft Serve Ice Cream Mix
  • ½ cup chilled JEM Cashew Cardamom Almond Butter
  • â…” cup chopped roasted pistachios (shells removed)
  • Pinch of cardamom



  1. In a large mixing bowl, combine Coconut Bliss Vanilla ice cream mix and JEM Cashew Cardamom Almond Butter. Mix with a whisk or immersion blender until smooth and well incorporated.
  2. Turn on the ice cream machine and slowly pour the mixture into the ice cream bowl.
  3. Once ice cream is frozen, remove from the machine and mix in chopped pistachios. Optional: sprinkle with a pinch of ground cardamom before serving.