Golden Banana Brownie Swirl

Golden Banana Brownie Swirl
We may only be halfway through 2020, but to be perfectly honest, this year so far has felt like an eternity! Nevertheless, we are elated that summer has finally arrived and we are positively thrilled over all the buzz surrounding our newest addition to the Coconut Bliss lineup (drum roll please)—Golden Banana Brownie Swirl!

Fresh bananas, delectable brownies, ribbons of fudge and a hint of turmeric have been expertly blended into a most delicious treat. The oh-so subtle inclusion of turmeric imparts a most brilliant and beautiful golden hue. We chose to include turmeric for its earthy flavor and many known health benefits.

This delicious flavor is unlike any other ice cream we’ve put out there so it’s no wonder everyone’s talking about it! Golden Banana Brownie Swirl is a “healthier spin on ice cream brownie flavors, especially with the addition of gluten-free chocolate brownie pieces and turmeric, which is beloved as an anti-inflammatory superfood” (Trend Hunter).

We even got some love from our favorite local paper, the Eugene Weekly, who gave the flavor two thumbs up, saying simply “they had us at brownie and banana.” The truth is, we especially love hearing from our fans and once again, you have been the first to let us know just what you think.

We have also loved seeing creative and delicious recipes with our new ice cream flavor like these Golden Banana Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches! If you have masterminded a unique and blissful recipe, we want to hear from you!

As always, every Coconut Bliss creation is plant-based, vegan friendly, gluten-free and made exclusively with certified organic ingredients that are easy to recognize. Click here to see for yourself and order some Bliss today!