Give The Gift of Bliss - Ordering Coconut Bliss Online

Give The Gift of Bliss - Ordering Coconut Bliss Online
There is no denying that we are in the midst of unprecedented and challenging times. We are being called forth to stay in and hunker down for the greater good. Many of us are relying on phone calls and video chats to connect. At Coconut Bliss it is no different, with plenty of virtual meetings in our calendars. Our world may feel quite different these days but our mission hasn't changed—we exist to spread the bliss!

We are redesigning happy hour and bringing back the ice cream social (distanced of course…join us if you’re on Instagram!). It has been a great way to connect with fans, friends, and family alike. One of the best parts is we've made it incredibly easy to order Coconut Bliss online in just a handful of clicks.

Know an essential worker or healthcare professional who could use a pick-me-up? What about a dear friend or family member? From our online shop, you can effortlessly ship the hero in your life some delicious, guilt-free, plant-based ice cream. We’ve made it exceptionally easy to share the bliss! Gifting a shipment of Coconut Bliss is a great way to let friends or family know you are thinking about them. Plus, then there are no excuses to turn down the next ice cream social hour!

Spending lots of time at home with the family? A flat shipping rate ensures costs don’t go up if you order more. This means you can stock up the freezer without leaving the house. Every pint ships with dry ice and arrives deliciously frozen and ready to enjoy. A package full of ice cream appearing on the doorstep is a simple pleasure that’s hard to beat.

We know firsthand that it has been a challenge to find what we are looking for during the weekly trip to the shop—especially for those of us with food allergies. Coconut Bliss is a perfect gift to treat the lactose intolerant, gluten-free, or vegan in your life (especially if that person is you!). Place an order anytime and we will get the ice cream delivered so that you can stay home.

Whether it’s brightening someone’s day with a surprise shipment of indulgent desserts or simply connecting with a dear friend afar to share your light, let’s keep spreading the bliss. It’s safe to say the world needs it now more than ever.