Everyday Heroes

Everyday Heroes

We’ve all heard the adage, ‘it takes a village’. The point of this simple saying is to illustrate how interdependent we are with our fellow community members and how we all have a vital role to play. Lately there have been many heartwarming stories of people honoring the heroes in their lives. From healthcare workers to farmers and grocery store clerks, we are grateful to see our fellow community members acknowledged for the valuable work that they do!

Did you know that redwoods, the biggest trees in the world, have some of the shallowest roots? They grow in clusters with their roots intertwined and, in this way, find their true strength together.

We believe heroes come in all forms, but heroes are also human—allergies, food sensitivities and all. Having food allergies is not only uncomfortable and inconvenient but it's time consuming. This is one reason why every single Coconut Bliss product is guaranteed to be dairy, soy and gluten-free. We use only the best ingredients, so you never have to wonder about what’s in your dessert after a long day.

We remain committed to helping those who are helping others which is why we’re taking this opportunity to thank some of the heroes in our lives and are extending our discount on our online store. Use the promo code BLISSFAN10 at checkout for a 10% discount off of your order.

We’d also like to take a moment to shout out some of the heroes nominated by our fans on our recent Nominate Your Hero social media campaign! 10 heroes were sent a shipment of Coconut Bliss as a delicious surprise. We want to give a big thank you to everyone out there who is helping make a difference in some way, shape or form; we couldn’t do it without you!


thumbnail of jessica

“Jessica is not only a hero to me, but a true health care hero to every patient she encounters. Jessica is the chief resident physician to the entire team of resident physicians in our community hospital. She leads by example and always practices what she preaches... With the COVID19 outbreak her leadership and compassion is being exercised more than ever. Jessica’s taking on an extra year of training to specialize in palliative care. Jessica chose Palliative Care because she believes being there for a person during the end of their life is the most essential time to be there for her patients. Jessica truly is the epitome of a caring and loving provider. 👏🏼👏🏼👩🏻‍⚕️” - Kelly C.


thumbnail of fifi

“Fifi owns a bridal shop in Elmhurst, IL and is a master at working her “Greek magic” to put together the perfect look for her clients, but she also is an expert at making each one of her customers feel at home. Fifi is a true beauty. Inside and out. She pours her love into making masks. She has donated over 600 masks and has made over 1000 masks for the Elmhurst community. ❤️” - Amanda M.


thumbnail of diana
“I nominated my bff Diana because she never gives up, she prevails along and is such a good example to her kids. She’s so dedicated to her cancer patients and they depend on her kindness she always gives them. ❤️❤️❤️” - Kristien M.


 thumbnail of ricki

“I would like to nominate my mom Ricki who has dedicated her life to the healthcare profession, and has been a nurse for 40 years! She is the strongest woman I know and also a cancer survivor. I admire her sacrifices, her strength and her heroism. ❤️” - Megan M.


 thumbnail of murissa

“Murissa goes above and beyond to help the families and students of those she serves. She’s always there to lend a helping hand and she strives to ensure her “kids” are well taken care of. Even before the pandemic, she truly was an angel to those families. Now, in light of the pandemic, there is nothing she wouldn’t do. Thank you Murissa! You’re a wonderful SLP and friend. I know you don’t get the recognition you deserve but you are amazing and please know, that you ARE making a difference. 🙌🏼” - Mirna E.


thumbnail of radiology team

“Special thanks to my Radiology team at St. Francis Medical Center in Lynwood, California! Your hard work inspires me!” - Janelle