The Magic of Cocoa

We have selected a cocoa powder that is rich in history and flavor

The magic of cocoa is not lost on us. The Maya and Aztec may have been the first to recognize the special properties of this dark fruit, but through the ages, lovers of the bitterness melting into the creamy cocoa butter have found that chocolate has no equal in satisfying the palate, mind, and body. Knowing this, we have selected an organic fair trade cocoa powder for our chocolate Coconut Bliss flavors that is as rich as the history, and as rich in flavor as it was for those ancient people.

Our organic and fair trade cocoa is grown by farming cooperatives in the Dominican Republic and in Peru. Once harvested and fermented, the beans are sent to our supplier’s processing facility in Amsterdam. Here the cocoa is treated with an alkali (for our cocoa powder this is potassium carbonate), which is 180 year old process known as Dutch Processing. It is then made into a fine, rich powder with 10-12 percent cocoa fat.

Before alkalizing, cocoa powder has a sharp acidic flavor and, due to its low pH, does not dissolve well in liquids (including coconut milk). Treating it with alkali neutralizes the acidity and makes the taste milder, and the higher pH helps it dissolve more easily and darkens the color.

Organic Fair Trade Cocoa
Organic, fair trade cocoa

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