Churros + Bliss

Warm and crunchy vegan churros meet creamy plant-based ice cream.

Love is in the air and so is the smell of freshly fried vegan churros! If you’re a fan of ice cream and churros then you’ve come to the right place. Who can resist crunchy warm dough dusted in cinnamon sugar? Especially when it’s paired with creamy plant-based ice cream. Not us!

Churros are a sweet snack consisting of a strip of fried dough dusted with sugar and cinnamon. We wanted to put a different spin on things so we created churro ice cream bowls and heart shaped churro ice cream sandwiches. All gluten and dairy-free! Now you can have your ice cream and eat the bowl too!

This dessert recipe is a fun activity for the whole family and is also the perfect interactive date night idea (Valentine’s Day!). We encourage you to get creative with your churro shapes. Circles, squares, and triangles are all fun ways to create a churro ice cream sandwich. Add any of your favorite Coconut Bliss ice creams to the churro bowls and churro sandwiches and enjoy. We know it’s hard to pick a favorite so we suggest mixing and matching different flavors to find your favorite combo! You can also include fresh fruits, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, sprinkles, and other fun toppings to make it a choose your own churro adventure!

Make sure to scroll all the way down for the full recipe video!

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Sugar Topping for Churros

Filling & Toppings for Bowls and Sandwiches


Method 1: Churro Bowls Filled with Coconut Bliss

Method 2: Heart Shaped Ice Cream Sandwiches

Frying the Churros


(Use organic ingredients whenever possible)

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