Coconut Bliss Carrot Ginger Ice Cream Mochi

Cheerfully Orange Ice Cream Mochi

Ice cream mochi with Coconut Bliss

Mochi, a Japanese rice cake made from short-grain rice, is a food that bears with it a great deal of tradition and history. Originally reserved for royalty and the noble class, mochi is now trending all around the world. Today, most mochi is made from a sweet rice flour, that is mixed with water to achieve the necessary sticky consistency. This sticky dough is then wrapped around all sorts of fillings, from savory to sweet. Recently, we headed into the Bliss Kitchen to create our own dairy-free, gluten-free and organic version of ice cream mochi. Carrots and ginger join the ice cream party in this cheerfully orange ice cream mochi recipe featuring our Vanilla Island. The color is derived strictly from the carrots that we blended up with our divinely creamy coconut milk ice cream.

About 12 pieces



Carrot Ice Cream Filling

Mochi Dough

Nutrition Facts - Per 1/12 of recipe


Ice Cream Filling

Mochi Dough


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