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Creamy, organic, plant-based ice cream
made from the comfort of home.

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Blissmaker bundle
Blissmaker Bundle


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What’s inside?
  • Organic, non-GMO, plant-based Soft Serve Mix
  • The Bliss Maker™
  • Fun Accessories

Dream it yourself.

That’s what DIY means in Bliss-land. For years, we’ve been creating organic, plant-based treats in all kinds of sublime flavors. Now, we’re giving you everything you need to make your own Bliss at home. Same quality ingredients, same creamy “OMG it’s vegan?” taste, leaving your house not required.

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Make Your Own Bliss!

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It’s quick and easy, just:


A carton of soft serve mix being poured.

Simply pour soft serve mix into your ice cream maker.


Cookie dough pieces being added to an ice cream maker.

Add whatever mix-ins your heart desires


Hand holding an ice cream cone with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup.

Relax for 30 minutes while your creation manifests!

“Our family had so much fun making cookie dough ice cream with the Bliss Maker. Can’t wait to make all the other Bliss recipes.”

Anand P, Dallas

“It took us only 30 minutes to whip up our favorite plant based ice cream and we had so much fun getting creative with add-ons.”

Ben S, LA

Bliss bowls

What will you dream up?

Bliss shake Bliss cone
Ready to start blissing out?
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