The Legend of the Cookie Sandwich

Transcend Nostalgia and Treat Yourself to Something Better

The lore of the Coconut Bliss Cookie Sandwich has been shared in small circles of merrymakers, fairies, yogis, and bohemian nomads for many years. Chance encounters at festivals with this decadent delicacy gave way to a deep yearning for more. Spoken of in reverential tones, our gluten free cookie sandwich has been known to impart feelings of joy and bliss, while being lauded for its exceptional organic ingredients such as sprouted flour, hemp seeds and Fair Trade dark chocolate chips. A smitten few have been known to indulge in the chewy cookie treat with a sweet creamy center for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Seeing the sparkle in festival-goer’s eyes when they got their first taste, we embarked on a journey to bring the Coconut Bliss Cookie Sandwich to the market. Little did we know what an epic saga it would prove to be. Our team traveled far and wide and faced many obstacles along the way to perfect our cookie. With our journey beginning in Eugene, Oregon, the winding path took us to the East Coast, then north to Portland, Oregon, then south to Ukiah, California and onward as we pursued this legendary dessert to its completion. Always with a commitment to the best organic and gluten free ingredients, our devoted team stayed the course.

Today, our journey is complete, and we proudly offer the first ever certified organic, dairy free, gluten free and soy free cookie sandwich. Standing on its own in the category, we’re quite certain you won’t find anything more delicious, or with a cleaner ingredient label.

We invite you to indulge in this, the pinnacle of our odyssey, and remember that it’s even sweeter if you share it with a friend.

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