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Minimizing our ecological impact is an important part of our mission

Minimizing our ecological impact is an important part of our mission in offering Coconut Bliss. We are excited about the substantial efforts made by the great people running the facility where our products are made. Their two-step approach has been to capture energy themselves, and reduce the amount of energy required to run some basic elements of the plant, such as lighting. Solar panels were a major focus and span the entire roof of the warehouse, enabling them to employ energy directly from the sun.

In another step, all of the old style fluorescent, metal halide, mercury vapor, and incandescent light fixtures were replaced with the latest energy efficient lighting options. New T5 fluorescent bulbs have been installed in warehouse areas and new LED fixtures are in production areas to cut energy usage. Motion detectors that turn lights on when needed and off when no one is present, have also been implemented. Accidentally leaving a light on and needlessly consuming that energy is no longer a problem.

On another environmental note, over 7 years ago the facility installed a Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) unit that removes dissolved solids from its effluent stream. This makes the waste water cleaner, which eases operations at the city’s water treatment facility.

These steps showcase the positive approach needed across all industries to lower our footprint as manufacturers, and also as consumers. Earth-friendly may be an overly used term, but one we at Coconut Bliss take to heart. We’re very happy to be working with a team of people taking action for a healthier environment.

Pint carousel at the production facility for Coconut Bliss

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