Ingredient Spotlight

Sprouted Flour and Hemp Seeds

At Coconut Bliss, we can often be found waxing poetic about our commitment to sourcing the best ingredients for our dairy free coconut milk ice cream. When we define what “best ingredients” means to us, we are talking about real food that is certified organic, minimally processed, ethically produced, and delicious. When we find suppliers who offer this quality of ingredient, we inevitably find people who are passionate about their craft. The folks who bring us organic, gluten-free sprouted flours, a featured ingredient in our new Chocolate Chip Cookie ice cream and Coconut Bliss Cookie Sandwiches, are just these people.

The To Your Health Sprouted Flour Company started in a home kitchen with the goal of improving personal health and well-being. When founder Peggy Sutton and her husband Jeff Sutton took the leap into producing their sprouted flours on a larger scale, it was a decision driven by a desire to help others experience the nutritional benefits of sprouted grains.

So, what makes sprouted flour so much better? Grain in its dried state contains nutrient potential that is locked in the grain kernel. Sprouting the grain unlocks many of these vitamins and minerals during the transformative process as the grain develops into a live food. Some of the nutrients that become more bioavailable and easier to metabolize are: Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, folic acid, soluable and insoluable fiber. Additionally, starch begins to break down during sprouting, which aids the digestive process.

What we’re saying is, you can have your cookies and eat them too!

Speaking of cookies, we added a sprinkle of organic hemp seeds to our new Chocolate Chip Cookie ice cream, for a little extra goodness. Hemp seeds are considered a superfood due the high concentration of nutrients which includes: calcium, iron, magnesium, B vitamins, vitamin A, vitamin D, and amino acids. A unique property of hemp seeds is the ideal 3:1 ratio of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. Eating foods that contain this particular balance of Omegas has been shown to promote cardiovascular health.

Organic Hulled Hemp Seeds in a Bowl

In today’s food landscape, we are faced with many choices. One of our driving passions at Coconut Bliss is to choose the best ingredients we can find and offer them to you in our divinely creamy dairy free coconut milk ice cream. It is with great sincerity that we say, “Enjoy”!

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