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Organic Roasted Almonds

Choosing ingredients for our products is no small feat at Coconut Bliss. Once we’ve identified the ingredients we need for a new flavor concept, an exhaustive search is undertaken by the Product Development team (we like to call them the ProDevas) to find the right supplier.

This last year, we went looking for almonds, and no ordinary almond, or almond grower, would do. We sought the finest in all the land. Our ingredients must be organic, and therefore inherently non-GMO. They must also be grown and processed using ethical and environmentally beneficial practices. Our supplier relationships are not merely a matter of dry, financial transactions. We form lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships and friendships with people who share similar values and a deep respect for the food we are co-creating, and sharing with you.

One of our most recent searches led us to the good people at Maisie Jane’s California Sunshine Products. Their very name implies connectedness to place, and appreciation for nature, which allows them to work and live in harmony with the land they farm.

It became clear during some of our very first conversations that the folks at Maisie Jane’s were going to be a great fit. Further research revealed a set of beliefs encompassing environmental awareness, conscious choices, product quality and deep-rooted community. They really embody these beliefs; for them, it’s personal. As a fourth-generation family farm and business, these philosophies are part of their legacy and from that, they have built a trusted and successful brand.

One of the many ways that Maisie Jane’s cares for their environment is in their practices that promote and protect pollinator health. In addition to being a certified organic farm, which prohibits the use of harmful insecticides, pesticides and other chemicals, they also plant and maintain native foliage, grasses and flowers which provide bees with a safe habitat, attracting them to the almond orchards. They also use local beehives to assist in almond pollination, when the common practice is to ship hives long distances. Their partnerships include the Xerces Society and other research facilities working  to establish industry practices that are less harmful to the hard-working pollinators.

We were smitten after just a few discussions with Maisie Jane’s, and then we tasted their organic roasted almonds. There was no looking back. Their unique method of dry-roasting brings out a deep, warm flavor in these almonds we know have been grown with love. You know that saying about kissing enough frogs that you find your prince? Our version is about tasting enough unimpressive almonds before we found Maisie Jane’s.

We use these scrumptious roasted and diced almonds in our Coconut Almond in Chocolate bar, and the pairing is magical. Sweet, creamy coconut and savory almonds harmonize flawlessly with rich dark chocolate creating the frozen treat of your dreams. A dream in which food is crafted lovingly, the earth and all its inhabitants are cared for tenderly and anyone can partake in this utopian experience.

These are some of the many reasons that we are proud to have partnered with Maisie Jane’s California Sunshine Products. We hope you can taste the love in every bite.

You can see their farm and learn more about the important work they are doing in this video.

Maisie Jane's California Sunshine Products
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