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A Story About Coconut Milk and Community

Coconut milk and community are the shining stars in our universe. When founders Luna and Larry aspired to create a dairy-free frozen treat that tasted fabulous and made them feel good, they experimented with alternative milk staples like soy and rice. They chose on coconut milk, because of its divine creaminess and superior nutritional profile. At the start of the Coconut Bliss journey, Luna and Larry invited friends, neighbors, and loved ones to sample their sweet creations. That strong community thread wove through Coconut Bliss as it expanded and touched additional lives along the way. A love affair and beautiful adventure that joins ingredients, values, and communities was born.

Positive impact continues to be paramount to our team, and we know it’s a priority for our extended Coconut Bliss family (you!) as well. We’re overjoyed to share our dairy-free frozen desserts with folks throughout the United States, Canada, and select international locations. When it comes down to it, we’re still a local, family-owned company with enormous pride in our ability to remain independent in a world where it seems little guys must partner with corporate giants in order to be seen, heard, and taken seriously. Remaining independent and family-owned allows us to retain control of our high quality products and processes. We stay true to our roots, brand integrity, and hometown focus. It’s an honor to operate within the same community where it all started, and serving this community is important to us.

Growing coconuts can be a delicate process…

… and that’s why we partner with a trusted family-owned organic coconut farm and processing facility in Thailand. However, after unpredictable weather circumstances led to a coconut milk shortage in 2011, we secured a secondary coconut milk source and embarked on an inspired partnership with a fellow Lane County Oregon small business. We were able to further intertwine our love of high quality coconut milk and community when we built a partnership with Genesis Juice, a division of Toby’s Family Foods. Together, we were able to innovate our process and ensure continual access to high quality coconut milk.

In 1976 Genesis Juice was founded in Eugene, OR. At that time the availability of organic juice in the retail market was rare. The founders were juice-lovers who wanted to create juice in its highest form – raw and organic. When federal regulations banned raw juice and the company faced hardship, Toby’s Family Foods, another hometown favorite, offered a partnership to Genesis Juice to help them remain viable. As a result of its partnership with Toby’s, Genesis Juice became one of the first juice companies to offer high-pressure processed juices – a safe way to preserve the juice without adding heat.


Fresh coconut milk from our partners Genesis Juice
Fresh coconut milk from our partners Genesis Juice

Though we still rely on our family-owned Thailand coconut milk supplier for about 50% of our coconut milk needs, we also receive weekly batches of fresh coconut milk from Genesis Juice. The Genesis Juice facility is right next door to Eugene in Springfield, OR. As Coconut Bliss grows, our roots stay firmly planted in the Willamette Valley.

Our partnership with Genesis Juice is an important element to bringing you the bliss you love, staying true to our values, and ensuring our dairy-free frozen treats are created with quality ingredients and thoughtful processes.

We believe that every action makes a difference and that by nurturing ourselves, our loved ones, and our local communities, we can create positive change. We carry those values with us to all of our relationships, near and far.

In addition to forming strong community business partnerships, we’re also beyond blissed to support local organizations like Beyond Toxics, School Garden Project, Cascadia Wildlands, Save the Bee, and Bring Recycling. We thank you for being part of the Coconut Bliss family and thus supporting local, family-owned businesses.

“My actions are my only true belongings.” ― Thich Nhat Hanh

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