Lightning in a Bottle

Wednesday, May 24, 2017 to Monday May 29, 2017

About Lightning in a Bottle

Celebrating Art, Music, Performance, Sustainability and Life!

The history of Lightning in a Bottle spans more than a decade, and friends, family, and co-horts of The Do LaB are thrilled and astounded that it’s been more than ten years of making miracles and catching Lightning in a Bottle!

Prepare yourself to be amazed. Transformational festivals are containers to expand your scope of knowledge, music taste and sense of self realization. There are opportunities to listen to world class speakers, boogie with the worlds top DJ’s or learn from a fellow festival goer.

For many, Lightning in A Bottle is a container for growth and new experiences, so check out a permaculture event or a panel discussion on healthy eating. Set an intention and use your time here as an opportunity to learn about others, the world and yourself.

The environmental lineup of workshops focuses on easy, low cost, do-it-yourself (DIY) ways that people can lower resource use and learn to grow their own food and make their own resources. They’re making it fun, easy and sensible so you can try it all at home!

The workshops are not just about learning from the facilitator, they are an important venue for bringing together community to connect and discuss new solutions with one another. Lightning in a Bottle is known for being an important community meeting point for starting new projects and revitalizing current ones with new inspirations. Look forward to a wide range of educational initiatives, for people of all types.

Lightning in a Bottle fuses live art, music, workshops and movement classes to create a fully immersive experience unlike anything else. There is no shortage of fun to be had either, whether you’re into dancing to your favorite DJs all night long or you’d rather be stretching at a sunrise yoga class there’s something for everyone here.

Every night as the sun sets and the stars fill the sky, an eruption of stellar performances, ecstatic dance, live music, sound healings, spoken word, multi-media art and so much more will move you into a divine flow.

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