Sustainability September

Sustainability September

Happy Susty-September! We sat down with Megan Miller, our Copack + Quality + Sustainability Manager at Coconut Bliss for a freezer-side chat about Coconut Bliss’ exciting sustainability initiatives.


What was one of the most exciting things that happened to Coconut Bliss in the last year regarding sustainability efforts?

Check out our 2019 sustainability report (at the bottom of this article) for some snapshots of the company's sustainability efforts in the last year. One of the most exciting things we were able to do was launch our new plant based pint polymer packaging. For most plastic the source of carbon is petroleum, we wanted to move our packaging to more renewable materials. Our pint packaging partners at Stanpac came out with a pint package made from a new polymer sourced from sugar cane husks. This was exactly the type of opportunity we were looking for to move our packaging a step forward. We are proud to be the first ice cream or frozen dessert brand to use this packaging.

How does Coconut Bliss view its obligation to the environment?

I like to consider the resources we utilize for our products as on loan from the environment. We have a responsibility to care for the land and environment we are so fortunate to cultivate our ingredients from. Part of that is only working with ingredient suppliers that share our environmental stewardship mission.

Are there any sustainability initiatives you are really excited about within the company or within the industry?

I'm passionate about reducing our company's carbon and waste footprint. We are looking at our entire supply chain to see where we can take the most efficient steps towards balancing the impact we have on the environment.

What do you do personally to live a sustainable lifestyle?

Personally, I like to support local organic farms for the majority of my produce. I'm fortunate to live in the Willamette Valley where local food is available in my community. I try to take small steps to reduce my resource usage and waste footprint; i.e drying my clothes on a drying rack and purchasing food in bulk containers to limit single use packaging. I use my purchasing power to support companies that share my sustainability missions.

Why should consumers care about a brand's sustainability efforts/mission?

The science is clear. Climate change is already having, and will continue to have, a devastating effect on our world if drastic and quick action is not taken. Businesses have a responsibility to be part of the solution.

Can you give our fans 3 tips for living a more sustainable life?

  1. Be kind to yourself. There's no one way to be a sustainability guru. Implement small changes that make sense for you and your circumstances. Give yourself compassion and understanding when you aren't perfect.
  2. Support companies that share your values. Whether it is to avoid companies that don't use fast fashion, or seek out companies that source fair trade and organic ingredients, look for companies that have missions you can get behind. I like to keep in mind that there's an inherent privilege to being able to use your purchasing power for sustainability. Take some time to look at your spending habits and see where you can take steps to make changes that make sense for you. There are so many amazing brands that walk the walk and talk the talk. Supporting these brands is a way to leverage your purchasing power and protect the supply chain.
  3. Less is more. When we evaluate what we need, vs what we want we can start to see what is vital to our livelihoods. Look for ways to reduce your consumption. Maybe it's watering the lawn less, maybe it's biking to the store instead of driving, everyone's "less is more" will look different.

What exciting sneak peaks can you share when it comes to future sustainability initiatives at CB?

Be on the lookout for new ways Coconut Bliss is making commitments to our packaging improvements and carbon reduction efforts!