Agave - Tree of Life and Abundance

The agave plant is known as the Mexican Tree of Life and Abundance

The agave plant has been a source of food and fiber in western Mexico for at least 10,000 years. It was a food of the Aztecs and is known by the natives as the Mexican Tree of Life and Abundance. Traditionally, the indigenous people of Mexico gathered the sweet juice to prepare special celebratory beverages. A beautiful thing about agave is how it naturally thrives in this environment, requiring no inputs of any kind- no fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides- not even water!

We source our organic agave nectar from a cooperatively owned, organically certified, state-of-the-art facility in Jalisco, Mexico. The process used to make our organic agave is quite simple. Agave piñas are harvested by Jimadors who use a tool called a coa (pronounced “co-uh”) to cut off the fibrous spiny leaves. The piñas are transported to the facility where they are cleaned, ground up, and sprayed with water to remove the juice. The juice is gently heated to break down the inulin into simple sugars (~85% fructose), filtered for impurities, and finally evaporated using only heat and a vacuum to create a thick and luscious syrup.

This sweet syrup blends so beautifully with our organic coconut that the only other item needed to make a wonderfully creamy dessert is a touch (< 0.35%) of guar gum to keep the coconut milk from separating.  We do not need to add carob bean gum, chicory root, locust bean, carrageenan, and a host of other such ingredients to make it texturally pleasing, like a lot of ‘natural’ food items do.

Organic agave field
Organic agave pina.
Organic agave pina

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