Bold Steps Award

For the City of Eugene, sustainability means considering and balancing all three aspects of the triple bottom line – people, planet and prosperity.

2017-09-08 15:44:24
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Coconut Bliss Sustainability Report 2016

It is with great delight that we present the First Annual Sustainability Report from Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss! Our goal with this first report is to identify and define our activated core values that support the principles of a sustainable work force and business.

2016-11-17 11:06:30
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Luna & Larry's Coconut Bliss Headquarters

Our company culture values a lifestyle of sustainability, and we work to bring sustainable practices to all levels of our operation.

2016-09-01 14:02:48
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Production Facility

Minimizing our ecological impact is an important part of our mission in offering Coconut Bliss. We are excited about the substantial efforts made by the great people running the facility where our products are made.

2015-03-31 08:45:58
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