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Health & Well-being: Food Additives

Conflicting information abounds from the scientific community on what to eat and what to avoid. All the confusion may be adding to a mainstream food movement heading towards foods with fewer industrial, lab-produced additives. Back to where we started, in a sense. It may be a slow movement, but one dear to our hearts here at Coconut Bliss.

An interesting exercise might be to list all the food components that are not in Coconut Bliss.  Interesting, maybe, but no doubt a boring read.  Delving in just a bit, however, to that endless list, one additive that is being questioned by the scientific community is synthetic food coloring.  In America, synthetic colors, such as Blue #1 and Red #40, are found in a myriad of products.  Mint ice cream is made green by the combination of Yellow #5 and Blue #1, not the extract, which is colorless. It was the Southampton Study, concluded in 2006, that first showed a causal relationship between the consumption of artificial food coloring and hyperactivity in children.  The results and methods of the study have been debated since its release.  One outcome of the study, nonetheless, shows food manufacturers turning to natural food coloring such as red beet, turmeric, and purple carrot. 

Of course, there is another option for food processors, and that is to not add any additives for color. Let nature supply whatever color comes with the ingredients in the product.  The pure, as close to nature as possible approach, has always been our approach, which is why you won’t find added coloring of any sort in Coconut Bliss products.

Chalk this up as just one more reason to enjoy a pint or a bar of Coconut Bliss.  Is someone keeping count?


Photo courtesy of www.foodpyramid.com


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