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The L.I.B. Lowdown




Some people say that good music can elicit a state of bliss. So what happened when our very own Chris Bliss hit the road with a truck full of Coconut Bliss to participate in L.I.B. (Lightening in a Bottle), a “celebration of Art, Music, Performance, Sustainability and Life”? Read on for the highlights of this exceptional festival!


Driving into a rainy and cold Los Angeles after 17 hours on the road, one could imagine feeling a little weary but Chris was on a mission. He had to bring Bliss to the fine people at Lightening in a Bottle. With help from his right-hand man Alabar and the friendly and eager volunteers Jesse and Allison, they set to work building the Bliss Booth. Chris was stoked to find out that our location this year was on a corner and closest to the Lightening Stage, which showcased many headlining musicians and artists. With such a prime location Coconut Bliss reached many happy mouths in this creative crowd.

Even though he was working, Chris was able to enjoy lots of good music and the on-stage paintings, known as Lightening in a Paintcan. In addition to all of the fine art there was to see, the Bliss Booth proudly projected its own digital color show to catch the eye of the passerby.

Musicians, artists, and food artisans all came together to create a community during the festival. One food artisan in particular caught Chris's attention. Kari Bell of Red Bird Chocolates makes chocolate the same way that we make Coconut Bliss – with a whole lot of love and intention. Each ingredient is chosen specifically for its quality and integrity both in flavor and in essence. Each bite can transport you and transform you.

Transformation is another unifying theme at L.I.B. Both transformation of self and of community. “What do you think might happen if 100 million people from around the world came together and sat in eyes closed silence all at the same time?” This is the question posed by the 1 Giant Mind Project. Eyes closed silence is described as any practice or mental process that encourages and induces relaxation and a focusing of the mind. This non-profit works to advance research and education in the area of the “collective effect” or collective consciousness and to “enhance the human experience”. So let yourself imagine what could be possible with any group of people intentionally focused on bettering our world and all that live here.

After such a positive and inspiring experience at this festival we are definitely looking forward to a repeat performance next year. We hope to see you there!



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