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Where's My Bliss?

Dear Bliss Lover, 

Two factors have recently converged into a perfect storm that has left us in the unhappy situation of not having as much coconut milk as we need to keep the Bliss flowing and the freezer shelves fully stocked.

Last year Thailand suffered its most severe drought in 20 years, seriously impacting the harvest of important food crops throughout the country, including the crop of organic coconuts at the family-owned farm that has been providing our coconut milk since we first started making Coconut Bliss in 2005.

In addition, you may have noticed that there has been a veritable explosion of new coconut milk products that have come to market in the last year, resulting in tremendous competition for remaining supplies. We are still a relatively small company and do not have the resources to compete with some of the much larger players.

While we have been vigorously exploring and experimenting with other sources of organic coconut milk from Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Indonesia, and India, none that we have found so far match the exquisite flavor and creaminess of our Thai source. We are continuing the search, but in the meantime, rather than compromise the quality of our products, we are choosing to slow down our production until the Thai coconut harvest resumes. The good news—our grower tells us that this year’s crop is looking abundant!

What this means for you is that over the late spring and summer of this year some of your favorite flavors of Coconut Bliss might be out of stock, and there may even be brief periods where there is no Coconut Bliss on the shelf at all, as we furiously work to catch up on production and fill our orders.

We sincerely apologize for any disappointment this may cause you, and hope that you will stand by us through this time, knowing that we are doing everything we can and more Bliss, including our 4 new flavors, will be back in abundance very soon.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Blissfully yours,

Larry & Luna

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All Thai'd Up in Bliss

Imagine yourself preparing a delicious meal for some special guests. You are
grateful that you get to create your favorite dish and share your bliss with friends.
As you sing and twirl around your kitchen, collecting ingredients and spices, you are
shocked to find that you are out of a crucial ingredient. You still have time to run to
the store. When you get there, you see in place of your favorite ingredient is a little
sign that says “temporarily out of stock”. A moment of panic – what now?

At Coconut Bliss, this parable became our reality a few months ago.We knew our 
supply of coconut milk was diminishing, but did not expect to open the cabinets and 
find the shelves bare. Our primary supplier of coconut milk, a family run organic grower
and processor in Thailand, was out of coconuts. The 12-year drought cycle had kept its
word and left the land without enough water to grow the amount of coconuts necessary
to bring endless bounties of Bliss to the people.

What ensued was a siren call of epic proportions... 

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