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Why Coconut Bliss Doesn't Make a Coconut Milk Beverage

luna For years our customers have asked us to make a "coconut milk beverage" as an alternative to soy milk and rice milk. Since other companies have recently started coming out with coconut milk beverages, we've received even more questions as to why Luna & Larry's does not offer our own version.  There are two main reasons:

Reason #1:  Luna & Larry's Coconut Bliss specializes in making the best ice cream available, without the use of dairy, soy, rice, sugar, fillers, or anything added that is not available in your local natural foods store.   While we have certainly had discussions about diversifying our product line, at this time our entire staff is dedicated to providing and perfecting this one thing.  We are enjoying an experience of simplicity and devotion to our Coconut Bliss.

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Where's My Bliss?

Dear Bliss Lover, 

Two factors have recently converged into a perfect storm that has left us in the unhappy situation of not having as much coconut milk as we need to keep the Bliss flowing and the freezer shelves fully stocked.

Last year Thailand suffered its most severe drought in 20 years, seriously impacting the harvest of important food crops throughout the country, including the crop of organic coconuts at the family-owned farm that has been providing our coconut milk since we first started making Coconut Bliss in 2005.

In addition, you may have noticed that there has been a veritable explosion of new coconut milk products that have come to market in the last year, resulting in tremendous competition for remaining supplies. We are still a relatively small company and do not have the resources to compete with some of the much larger players.

While we have been vigorously exploring and experimenting with other sources of organic coconut milk from Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Indonesia, and India, none that we have found so far match the exquisite flavor and creaminess of our Thai source. We are continuing the search, but in the meantime, rather than compromise the quality of our products, we are choosing to slow down our production until the Thai coconut harvest resumes. The good news—our grower tells us that this year’s crop is looking abundant!

What this means for you is that over the late spring and summer of this year some of your favorite flavors of Coconut Bliss might be out of stock, and there may even be brief periods where there is no Coconut Bliss on the shelf at all, as we furiously work to catch up on production and fill our orders.

We sincerely apologize for any disappointment this may cause you, and hope that you will stand by us through this time, knowing that we are doing everything we can and more Bliss, including our 4 new flavors, will be back in abundance very soon.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Blissfully yours,

Larry & Luna

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Coconut Bliss on the Bhakti Trail

The van is loaded and we are on our way to Bhakti Fest Spring OmMersion.  Check out this great article that was recently posted on the Yoganonymous website about our Spring and Summer Festival Season. 
I have the special opportunity to also be performing at most of these festivals, some at which Luna herself will be joining me with her lovely voice. Here at our office in Eugene, we often come together for a refreshing mid-afternoon Kundalini or Anusara set to keep the Bliss flowing and we meet regularly for morning meditation upon abundance & love for all. 

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4 New Flavors of Coconut Bliss & SNEAK PEEK VIDEOS

For 2011, we're releasing 4 new flavors for the USA (and if you get Coconut Bliss in Canada, we're making available 2 of our older flavors -- Cherry Amaretto and Chocolate Peanut Butter -- along with 2 of our 4 brand-new 2011 pints. Which 2? Stay tuned for the announement).

I can't say anymore...except that: 

a) the sneak peek videos will explain what each flavor is like. See below the fold...

b) we're also sending a box of 4 new flavors to one lucky person! AND we mean a box of 4 pints, with dry ice...right to their door--go here if you want a chance to be considered for it. Cool. Literally.

c) And for more info, go to

Expect an official announcement in a couple of weeks soon. 

Blissful Regards,


Sneak Peak Video 1 Sneak Peak Video 2 Sneak Peak Video 3 Sneak Peak Video 4
Video: Flavor 1 Video: Flavor 2 Video: Flavor 3 Video: Flavor 4 


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Lost Valley--Where Luna & Larry dreamed up Coconut Bliss...and our featured Non-Profit

If you subscribe to our Newsletter (which you should!…just use the link at the bottom of the page), you may have noticed a new section in January’s issue called “Organizations We Love”.  It was obvious to all of us here at Bliss Headquarters that our first would be Lost Valley Educational Center.

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Diana Stobo's "Naked Bliss" IS Coconut Bliss Smoothies...

Diana Stobo has written a book called "Naked Bliss"--it's all about healthy 'milk shakes' that are dairy free. And she has goes wild with ingredients, with the result being page after page of incredible combinations. She has reinvented how good a smoothie can be, period.

And Luna & Larry's Coconut Bliss is an ingredient in all of them. Here are three videos of her recent TV appearances where she shows off some of her recipes:


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Happy Holidays & A Happy Winter Solstice, from the staff at Coconut Bliss

Here's a photo of our current staff, Winter 2010...

From left to right:

(top row)Toby, Marc, Vince, Kim (our newest member!), (middle row)Chris G. , Kiley, Luna, (bottom row) Sue, Lakshmi, Christina, Larry and Bija! We wish you all a wonderful, safe and blissful holiday season. :)


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Coconut Bliss at Expo East 2010

Hey there Bliss fans... here is our update from our recent travels. Once again it was that time of year... that means the Bliss crew was headed for the Natural Products Expo East...




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OMG! Coconut Bliss "APPLE PIE & ICE CREAM Smoothie" from Diana Stobo

Diana Stobo just put out a yummy video showing how to make a:

"Apple Pie and Ice Cream Smoothie"

...and, ofcourse, she's using Coconut Bliss® as the 'ice cream'--which is still non-dairy, and (organic!) coconut milk based.

I'm drooling, ready to run to the office kitchen, and make one of these for my breakfast!

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Our 2nd Annual "A Night Of Bliss" Is Coming!

We're putting on our 2nd Annual A Night of Bliss  
Gala Fundraiser in Eugene, Oregon:  Luna, Larry
and the staff we'll be there to serve endless
sundaes throughout the night. And if you're not in Eugene,
you can! Send us a link to your video,
song, art, poem, etc. that talks about how you
experience 'Coconut Bliss' in your life-- we'll pick 50...


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