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Coconut Bliss on the Bhakti Trail

The van is loaded and we are on our way to Bhakti Fest Spring OmMersion.  Check out this great article that was recently posted on the Yoganonymous website about our Spring and Summer Festival Season. 
I have the special opportunity to also be performing at most of these festivals, some at which Luna herself will be joining me with her lovely voice. Here at our office in Eugene, we often come together for a refreshing mid-afternoon Kundalini or Anusara set to keep the Bliss flowing and we meet regularly for morning meditation upon abundance & love for all. 

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What Coconut Bliss Did This Summer!

As you can guess, the staff of Coconut Bliss is very active outside of our 'Bliss-iverse' at the office. And when it's Summer in the Northwest, we do even more. 

So we asked our staff what they did this Summer, and here are the responses we received...


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The Agony and the Ecstasy: Coconut Bliss at the Beloved Festival

Not the easiest of festivals to get to, or enter- but perhaps that’s how it stays sacred. The music was amazing, but even that was upstaged by the land and the people involved...

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Bliss + Organic Beer: Bliss Cart At North American Organic Brewer's Festival

A few weekends ago my partner Michael & I headed up to Portland for the North American Organic Brewers Festival. There was plenty of good music, local food vendors, and excellent organic beers from all over the country. My favorite was another Eugene based business, Oakshire Brewery's Mud Puddle 100% Organic Chocolate was most excellent when paired with a big, fat, scoop of Vanilla Island Coconut Bliss...

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