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All Thai'd Up in Bliss

Imagine yourself preparing a delicious meal for some special guests. You are
grateful that you get to create your favorite dish and share your bliss with friends.
As you sing and twirl around your kitchen, collecting ingredients and spices, you are
shocked to find that you are out of a crucial ingredient. You still have time to run to
the store. When you get there, you see in place of your favorite ingredient is a little
sign that says “temporarily out of stock”. A moment of panic – what now?

At Coconut Bliss, this parable became our reality a few months ago.We knew our 
supply of coconut milk was diminishing, but did not expect to open the cabinets and 
find the shelves bare. Our primary supplier of coconut milk, a family run organic grower
and processor in Thailand, was out of coconuts. The 12-year drought cycle had kept its
word and left the land without enough water to grow the amount of coconuts necessary
to bring endless bounties of Bliss to the people.

What ensued was a siren call of epic proportions... 

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4 New Flavors of Coconut Bliss & SNEAK PEEK VIDEOS

For 2011, we're releasing 4 new flavors for the USA (and if you get Coconut Bliss in Canada, we're making available 2 of our older flavors -- Cherry Amaretto and Chocolate Peanut Butter -- along with 2 of our 4 brand-new 2011 pints. Which 2? Stay tuned for the announement).

I can't say anymore...except that: 

a) the sneak peek videos will explain what each flavor is like. See below the fold...

b) we're also sending a box of 4 new flavors to one lucky person! AND we mean a box of 4 pints, with dry ice...right to their door--go here if you want a chance to be considered for it. Cool. Literally.

c) And for more info, go to

Expect an official announcement in a couple of weeks soon. 

Blissful Regards,


Sneak Peak Video 1 Sneak Peak Video 2 Sneak Peak Video 3 Sneak Peak Video 4
Video: Flavor 1 Video: Flavor 2 Video: Flavor 3 Video: Flavor 4 


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A Not so Brief Explanation of the Partnership Between Coconut Bliss & Lochmead Dairy

We were recently asked a very simple and direction question: Are you owned by a dairy?

Here's the simple and direct answer: Lochmead Dairy is now a majority owner of our company, Bliss Unlimited, LLC. Luna and I are still owners as well, but we now own a minority share. Now I'd like to give you a much more in-depth answer that I hope will help you understand our choice and address your concerns as a vegan...

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Diana Stobo's "Naked Bliss" IS Coconut Bliss Smoothies...

Diana Stobo has written a book called "Naked Bliss"--it's all about healthy 'milk shakes' that are dairy free. And she has goes wild with ingredients, with the result being page after page of incredible combinations. She has reinvented how good a smoothie can be, period.

And Luna & Larry's Coconut Bliss is an ingredient in all of them. Here are three videos of her recent TV appearances where she shows off some of her recipes:


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Happy Holidays & A Happy Winter Solstice, from the staff at Coconut Bliss

Here's a photo of our current staff, Winter 2010...

From left to right:

(top row)Toby, Marc, Vince, Kim (our newest member!), (middle row)Chris G. , Kiley, Luna, (bottom row) Sue, Lakshmi, Christina, Larry and Bija! We wish you all a wonderful, safe and blissful holiday season. :)


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A Night Of Bliss 2010 Was A (Coconut) Blissful Success

Wow!  What a night it was! It was our second annual “A Night of Bliss” event here in Eugene.  I heard from several people that it felt like a family reunion.  There were indeed so many familiar and friendly faces; every time I turned around I was giving a hug to someone I knew.  The whole entire Coconut Bliss family had an absolutely amazing night, and we raised $3,200 dollars for our non-profits!  This year’s local groups were the Willamette Valley Sustainable Foods Alliance, The Oregon Toxics Alliance, and The Eugene Coalition for Better School Food...

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Coconut Bliss at Expo East 2010

Hey there Bliss fans... here is our update from our recent travels. Once again it was that time of year... that means the Bliss crew was headed for the Natural Products Expo East...




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OMG! Coconut Bliss "APPLE PIE & ICE CREAM Smoothie" from Diana Stobo

Diana Stobo just put out a yummy video showing how to make a:

"Apple Pie and Ice Cream Smoothie"

...and, ofcourse, she's using Coconut Bliss® as the 'ice cream'--which is still non-dairy, and (organic!) coconut milk based.

I'm drooling, ready to run to the office kitchen, and make one of these for my breakfast!

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Our 2nd Annual "A Night Of Bliss" Is Coming!

We're putting on our 2nd Annual A Night of Bliss  
Gala Fundraiser in Eugene, Oregon:  Luna, Larry
and the staff we'll be there to serve endless
sundaes throughout the night. And if you're not in Eugene,
you can! Send us a link to your video,
song, art, poem, etc. that talks about how you
experience 'Coconut Bliss' in your life-- we'll pick 50...


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Coconut Bliss Nominated For An Emerald Award!


Every year, the Eugene Chamber of Commerce 
nominates businesses that have demonstrated
excellence through innovation, sustainability,
support for the community, and economic growth.
This year, Bliss Unlimited LLC--our little group that
makes Luna & Larry's Coconut Bliss--was nominated 
for the 'growth' award. 



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