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New Year, New Update!

Welcome 2012!  This new year comes to us full of potential, full of abundance.  We are looking forward to a year of keeping the bliss flowing so that you can keep your freezer stocked with delicious Coconut Bliss!  Happily, all of our flavors will be back on store shelves at the beginning of March.  If you don't see your favorite flavor, we encourage you to ask your store to bring it back into stock. Thank you so much for your continued support and love!

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The Return of Cherry Amaretto & Mint Galactica, September Coconut Milk Update

Cherry Amaretto Coconut BlissIt brings me great joy to announce that we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel with our coconut milk woes. The long and arduous process of bringing all of our flavors back was kicked off last week with the return of Mint Galactica and Cherry Amaretto. Why Mint Galactica and Cherry Amaretto? We received an overwhelming number of requests for both flavors and listened to your pleas. They went into production last week and will be back on store shelves during the first half of October.

A peek in our crystal ball shows that in early November Chocolate Peanut Butter and Cappuccino will making a their returns. Beyond that our crystal ball becomes hazy, but we do plan to have all flavors back by early 2012. We'll keep you updated here as soon as we have more information, and if you're favorite flavor isn't on deck yet leave us a comment and let us know why you think it should be!

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The 2011 Veggie Awards & A Year of Coconut Bliss!

The 2011 VegNews Veggie Awards have arrived and I have some exciting news to share with you! We have partnered with VegNews to bring one lucky voter a year supply of Coconut Bliss! They also have a vegan Carribean cruise, VeganTreats party, a Vitamix, and truffles up for grabs so go get your vegan vote on!

Of course you'll find us under best vegan ice cream and I would be honored to have your vote! 

Voting ends August 31st, full details available on survey start page.

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The Lonesome Four, August Coconut Milk Update

Last month at Bliss HQ we made the first of several tough decisions to put four of our flavors on a temporary discontinuation due to coconut milk shortages.  At that time things looked like smooth sailing moving forward with our supply of coconut milk, unfortunately we have hit some turbulence since then. Once again we find ourselves needing to make some tough decisions.

In an effort to keep all of our distributors stocked with Coconut Bliss we will only be producing our top four flavors (Chocolate Hazelnut Fudge, Dark Chocolate, Naked Coconut, and Vanilla Island), and both bars (Naked Coconut & Dark Chocolate), through the month of August.  Starting in September, as supplies allow, we will start adding flavors back into the flow.   

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Fun Times at Oregon Country Fair


The second weekend of July is quickly approaching, and everyone here at Bliss HQ is buzzing about getting ready for the Oregon Country Fair.  This gathering has been happening just outside of our hometown of Eugene, Oregon for over 40 years.  Coconut Bliss has had a presence since the company's humble beginnings in 2005 and the culture of the Oregon Country Fair is definitely a huge part of the culture here in our offices.   

Luna had this to say about it:  "The Country Fair was the initial motivation for me to jumpstart Coconut Bliss back in 2005, although I couldn't possibly imagine the ride this would be for all of us! The Fair has a way of bringing me back down to the roots of Coconut Bliss; sweetness, beauty, service, creativity, and family."

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We Are Temporarily Discontinuing 4 Flavors

If you regularly follow this blog (All Thai'd Up in Bliss & Where's My Bliss?) then you know already that we’ve had issues with our supply of coconut milk. Our main supplier, a family farm in Thailand, suffered the worst drought in twenty years this past season. Sadly, this shortage is affecting our ability to maintain stock on all of our flavors throughout the summer months.

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Why Coconut Bliss Doesn't Make a Coconut Milk Beverage

luna For years our customers have asked us to make a "coconut milk beverage" as an alternative to soy milk and rice milk. Since other companies have recently started coming out with coconut milk beverages, we've received even more questions as to why Luna & Larry's does not offer our own version.  There are two main reasons:

Reason #1:  Luna & Larry's Coconut Bliss specializes in making the best ice cream available, without the use of dairy, soy, rice, sugar, fillers, or anything added that is not available in your local natural foods store.   While we have certainly had discussions about diversifying our product line, at this time our entire staff is dedicated to providing and perfecting this one thing.  We are enjoying an experience of simplicity and devotion to our Coconut Bliss.

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Coconut Bliss Celebrates World Fair Trade Day

Vicki with gift basket
Did you know that today, May 14th is World Fair Trade Day?  To celebrate we are giving away a basket full of Coconut Bliss Goodies:  2 Free Pints, 1 Water Bottle, and the Diana Stobo smoothie book "Naked Bliss". Leave us a comment on this post along with a way to contact you if you are our winner, we'll randomly draw a winner on Friday May 20th at noon PST.

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New Ingredient Spotlight: Cacao Nibs

Recently we’ve been getting reports that our four newest flavors have been making their way onto store shelves across the country.  There is one flavor that seems to be the darling here at Bliss Headquarters: Mocha Maca Crunch

We can’t seem to keep it stocked in our employee freezer for more than a day or two! It is a luscious blend of Bliss made with Coffee, Cacao Nibs, Maca, and Mesquite.  So what the heck is a Cacao nib exactly? Maca? Mesquite?  Not to worry, we’re here to demystify all of these superfoods for you.  First off, check out this video of Marc, our national sales manager, as he talks about the exotic and beautiful Cacao Nib.  

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Where's My Bliss?

Dear Bliss Lover, 

Two factors have recently converged into a perfect storm that has left us in the unhappy situation of not having as much coconut milk as we need to keep the Bliss flowing and the freezer shelves fully stocked.

Last year Thailand suffered its most severe drought in 20 years, seriously impacting the harvest of important food crops throughout the country, including the crop of organic coconuts at the family-owned farm that has been providing our coconut milk since we first started making Coconut Bliss in 2005.

In addition, you may have noticed that there has been a veritable explosion of new coconut milk products that have come to market in the last year, resulting in tremendous competition for remaining supplies. We are still a relatively small company and do not have the resources to compete with some of the much larger players.

While we have been vigorously exploring and experimenting with other sources of organic coconut milk from Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Indonesia, and India, none that we have found so far match the exquisite flavor and creaminess of our Thai source. We are continuing the search, but in the meantime, rather than compromise the quality of our products, we are choosing to slow down our production until the Thai coconut harvest resumes. The good news—our grower tells us that this year’s crop is looking abundant!

What this means for you is that over the late spring and summer of this year some of your favorite flavors of Coconut Bliss might be out of stock, and there may even be brief periods where there is no Coconut Bliss on the shelf at all, as we furiously work to catch up on production and fill our orders.

We sincerely apologize for any disappointment this may cause you, and hope that you will stand by us through this time, knowing that we are doing everything we can and more Bliss, including our 4 new flavors, will be back in abundance very soon.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Blissfully yours,

Larry & Luna

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