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Why Coconut Bliss Doesn't Make a Coconut Milk Beverage

luna For years our customers have asked us to make a "coconut milk beverage" as an alternative to soy milk and rice milk. Since other companies have recently started coming out with coconut milk beverages, we've received even more questions as to why Luna & Larry's does not offer our own version.  There are two main reasons:

Reason #1:  Luna & Larry's Coconut Bliss specializes in making the best ice cream available, without the use of dairy, soy, rice, sugar, fillers, or anything added that is not available in your local natural foods store.   While we have certainly had discussions about diversifying our product line, at this time our entire staff is dedicated to providing and perfecting this one thing.  We are enjoying an experience of simplicity and devotion to our Coconut Bliss.

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